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If your teeth are crowded or severely damaged from decay or gum disease, you may need an extraction. Evan Cohen, DDS, helps the men, women, and children in Midtown Manhattan, New York when they need a tooth extracted. Using the gentlest and most advanced techniques, he restores your oral health. Call today or use the button below to book your appointment online.

Extractions Q & A

Evan Cohen DDS, PC

Why are tooth extractions needed?

Extreme tooth decay is the main culprit when a tooth extraction is required. Other leading causes of tooth decay are periodontal (gum) disease and overcrowding.

Periodontal disease is a severe condition that causes your gums to recede and pull away from your teeth. Red, puffy, inflamed gums are a sign you have gum disease.

When you have gum disease, the tissues and bones that support your teeth are damaged and cause your teeth to lose their integrity. However, before Dr. Evan Cohen or Dr. Michael Chau resort to extraction, they first recommend a round of antibiotics or a root canal if they believe they can save the tooth.

When overcrowding is at fault, it’s commonly caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth, although changes in your mouth’s structure over time also contribute to crowding.

What happens during the tooth extraction procedure?

The word extraction has an unpleasant sound, but rest assured that Dr. Cohen and his skilled and compassionate team take every measure to make you comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Cohen handles routine extractions while periodontist Dr. Chau takes care of the surgical extractions.

Before the extraction, Dr. Cohen or Dr. Chau applies a generous dose of numbing agent to the gum and around the teeth targeted for extraction. You’re encouraged to fully relax by breathing in nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

Next, they use state-of-the-art tools and technology to pull your tooth from its socket. After the extraction, expect to bite down on a piece of sterile cotton until the brief bleeding subsides.

How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

Your caring providers on Dr. Cohen’s team provide you with instructions on how to care for your socket until it fully heals. They recommend eating a diet of soft foods, like bananas, baked potatoes, applesauce, and yogurt, while your mouth heals.

To guard against infection, gargle a few times a day with a homemade rinse of salt and warm water. Dr. Cohen sees you again a couple of weeks later to ensure you’re healing well.

When you need a tooth extraction, call on the team at Dr. Cohen’s office in Midtown Manhattan. You can click below to schedule online or call us anytime.

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