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Over time, teeth can become yellow and dull from years of drinking dark beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine. If you’re ready for a brighter smile, Dr. Evan Cohen, DDS, in Midtown Manhattan, New York, offers comprehensive whitening solutions. Use the online scheduler or call today to get started.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Evan Cohen DDS, PC

What’s teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment to lighten dark and discolored teeth. Dr. Cohen offers a variety of whitening systems to choose from. The one that’s right for you depends on your goals and other factors.

After a consultation in his Midtown Manhattan office, you select an in-office or take-home treatment plan.

Who should get their teeth whitened?

If your teeth are dull, discolored, or slightly yellow from years of colorful beverages, smoking, or medications, teeth whitening may be the perfect solution to improve your teeth’s appearance. Dr. Cohen performs a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and oral health to determine to what extent you can benefit from whitening treatments.

What types of teeth whitening options are available?

Dr. Cohen offers several popular and effective in-office or at-home teeth whitening options. Two of the most popular choices are the Kor® whitening system and Venus White®:

The Kor whitening system

One of the most popular deep bleaching solutions available, the Kor whitening system provides superior results for even the most stubbornly discolored teeth. In Dr. Cohen’s office, you receive custom whitening trays that comfortably seal around your gums.

Kor whitening is easy to use. After an initial whitening session in Dr. Cohen’s office, you lighten your teeth at home by putting the trays in your mouth before you go to bed each night. In the morning, you brush normally.

After two weeks, you return to Dr. Cohen’s office for a final one-hour treatment. The results are remarkable and require no lights or lasers.

Venus white

Venus White is a gentle and proven three-level whitening system that includes:

  • Venus White Pro customized at-home whitening trays
  • Venus White Ultra pre-filled at-home whitening trays
  • Venus White Max in-office whitening

How often do I need my teeth whitened?

The results of whitening are highly variable and depend on what you drink and eat after treatment. In general, whitening can last up to two years before you need a touch-up whitening session.

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